Plastic injection molding, one of the most common methods for mass-producing plastic products. This technology contains feeding plastic material into a heated barrel. The material is varied and then run into a mold cavity, where it takes form and hardens into the final product. Plastic injection molding has a multitude of advantages and benefits over comparative plastic processing and manufacturing methods. The top 10 benefits of plastic injection molding are given below.

It’s accurate:

Plastic injection molding is such an accurate method that it can fabricate nearly any type of plastic part. There are certain design restrictions, but the molds that are made allow the finished product to be very precise. In fact, accuracy is typically within 0.005 inches.

Low labor costs:

Injection molding equipment naturally runs with a self-gating, automatic tool to keep operations streamlined and production ongoing, requiring slight supervision.

It’s fast:

Plastic injection molding is one of the most common technologies for long large scale manufacturing it’s fast. While the speed depends on the complexity of the mold itself, generally it takes only 15 to 30 seconds to pass between cycle times.

It’s resourceful:

With so much attention being paid to sustainability these days, it’s commonplace for product developers to choose processes that benefit the environment and lessen waste. Plastic injection molding isn’t only an efficient, effective process, but it is also resourceful. That’s because a) only as much plastic as is necessary is used to create the part and b) extra plastic can be ground up and recycled after use.

Ideal for creating high-strength components:

One cool advantage of plastic injection molding is that fillers can be added to components during processing, reducing the density of the liquid plastic while adding greater strength to the finished product. Plastic injection molding is a perfect process for industries or products where parts need to be strong


Aside from being a correct production process, plastic injection molding is also a flexible one. By this, It is simple to change the type of material that is being produced as well as the color that the product is being produced in.

A smooth finished appearance:

Plastic injection molding is a process, for the most part, where produced parts need little to no end finishing. That’s because all parts that come out of the mold are about the closest thing to a finished appearance. Yes, the surface finish is really that good right out of the mold! Getting back to benefit No. 3 on this list, here’s another example of how injection molding creates low labor costs.

Cheaper than plastic machining, long-term:

The original creation of mold can be expensive. But once the mold is created you can create a very large volume of plastic products at a minimal cost. For this reason, large production runs using plastic machining can cost up to 25 times more than plastic injection molding.

Co-injection molding:

Injection molding machines are able to process two or more different plastics at the same time.

It’s widely used:

Plastic injection molding is one of the most general plastic producing processes. Just look around – you’re certain to see plenty of products that were likely made by the plastic injection molding process.