Manufacturing Facility

Latest Technology

Since the last 20 years, R. D. Plast Mould & Industry has been dedicated to delivering companies with a superior plastic spoon injection mould, along with metal finishing and CNC machining through state of the art machinery and processes. In our shop flour we have the latest & hi-tech machinery & equipment that make your product very accurate & fast. Our highly professionally-minded staff use state-of-the-art production facilities and produce high quality products. With a production system that facilitates a flexible response to diverse customer orders, we are always able to meet the needs of the market.

Tool Room

We have an in-house tool room that is a cell where the brain combines with versatility to R. D. Plast Mould & Industry the new era of invention. The designs of mould coming from main planning departments are implemented here. The tool room is furnished with well equipped machineries namely, CNC machine, Jig Boring machine, Jig Grinding machine, Profile Grinding machine, Die shielding machine, EDM, Schaublin machine.

Tool room of R. D. Mould & Industry a high performance output, consisting almost all of the company’s requirements. The tool room machines are efficiently used to manufacture different types of plastic spoon injection mould manufacturing. The different activities like turning, milling different shapes, grinding, heat treatment, jig boring, jig grinding, checking in the standard room, heat treatment according to the job requirement, final inspection are undertaken in the tool room with our expert engineer’s tream.

Assembly Station

Installing and fitting close-tolerance tooling requires patience, a steady hand, attention to detail and, once again, the ability to read resistance. After spending 15 to 20 hours or more in the proceeding maintenance stages of cleaning and troubleshooting a mold, what a huge waste of time and money it is to hurry the process of assembly, yet this stage is where most mistakes occur. We at R. D. Mould & Industry make sure that the assembly process is done with our experienced talent & without any acop of error.

Warehousing and Packaging

We at R. D. Plast Mould & Industry are equipped with technologically advanced and spacious warehousing units. So we can store the products, the range of plastic injection molds. Our organized method helps us to store the products safely. For the easy accommodation and retrieval of products, we have divided it in various sections.

We use standard packaging material. Each article is individually packed and inspected well before dispatch.

Production Softwares

A standard in the industry of design, SolidWorks 3D design provides a powerful set of tools for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, 2D drawings and 3D solid modelling. We now have over 18 years of experience using SolidWorks to aid you in your design needs. When working with thousands of documents/models in a 24 hour a day operation, ensuring that the right revision of a model or document is used for design, production or QC, PDM works. MoldFlow, C-Mold, Simulation Software is a set of tools that allow users to simulate the injection molding process. R. D. Mould & Industries utilizes a fully integrated manufacturing ERP system for complete plant operations.

Research & Development

Manufacturing with constant R&D investments have a higher chance of succeeding in the global market. To attain the best professional advantage, investment in R&D comes hand in hand with processes such as market development and new business processes. Manufacturing should be firm about what they plan to accomplish with business. The most successful businesses are always innovating. We are always finding new ways to build up our competitive advantages. R&D is necessary in boosting the vision and objectives of a business, so companies should never be reluctant to take action toward innovation.

R. D. Mould & Industries have their own in-house R&D center & testing facility providing the latest technology to innovate new things. This facility is allowing us to explore the limits of existing designs. We can make refinements to designs and change the materials we use to extend the limits of the technology we have already developed.