Mould Designing

The very first step in injection Mould making is Mould Desiging, At R.D. Mould & Industries dedicated designer team first of all makes research on the demand, application, trends & other things. Trending designs with Superior strength, Economy production cost, Uniqueness are the specialties in our Mould Designing.

Mould Shaping & Grinding

In second stage of Mould Making Mould’s Shaping process done with our state of the art facility Tool Room, where Shaper & Surface Grinder do their job.


In this stage CNC & VMC Machines runes according CAD/CAM Programs- which gives shape to the main plates.

Mould Assembly

Once machining done Mould moves to the Assembly station, where high quality Guide Pin, Bush Fitting, Cold & Hot Runner Bush, Injector Bush Pin, Injector Plates etc. inserts.

Polishing & Hardening

High quality polishing materials & equipment’s are used for Mould Polishing, For Mould’s long life & Sustaininability we use 4 different hardening process 1) Liquid Nitriding 2) Gas Nitriding 3) Plasma Nitriding or 4) Vacuum Hardening.

Mould Testing

Mould Testing is the final stage in mould making. At R.D. Mould & Industry’s test lab, We use strict measures for mould testing- Where product test for it’s Accuracy, Life, Quality, Defect, Sustainability & Performance.