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Preliminary 2D and 3D design models are constructed to determine mold sides and steel sizes. Once these are reviewed and approved, the detailed design is finalized. The very first step in injection mould making is mould Designing, At R. D. Mould & Industries dedicated designer team first of all makes research on the demand, application, trends & other things. Trending designs with Superior strength, Economy production cost, Uniqueness are the specialties in our Mould Designing. Injection mold designers organize relevant personnel to review the project based on the product information, including product structure, mold structure, cooling system, runner, slag, venting, etc.

After evaluation, injection mold designers begin to design the plastic injection mold, including 3D drawing correction, 3D parting, mold parts assembly drawing, EDM drawing, electrode drawing etc., and organize relevant personnel to evaluate those drawings, then issue them to the plastic injection mold making department.Designing of the mold is sharply completed by our experts using the below softwares.

  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • Solid Edge
  • Catia

Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address a list of requirements of the application. In addition to functional and structural issues, processing issues play a large role in the design of an injection molded plastic part. Dividing a part into basic groups will help you to build your part in a logical manner while minimizing molding problems. As a part is developed, always keep in mind how the part is molded and what you can do to minimize stress.

It should be noted that designing a quality injection molded part requires a designer to be knowledgeable about all the fundamental design parameters associated with injection molding and to be highly skilled in the art & we R. D. Mould & Industry are well known designers & Manufacturers of injection mould. After successfully making the design, we send the design to you for confirmation. After receiving your confirmation our designing team forward the design to production & manufacturing will start in a few times.