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Polishing & Hardening

High quality polishing materials & equipment are used for Mould Polishing. In order to save costs and time we do the minimum mold polishing where required. The best way to do this is to find several sample parts of different finishes and get our customer to approve the minimum requirement. This sample can then be passed on to the mould polisher so he can replicate the required finish.For Mould’s long life & Sustainability we use 4 different hardening processes.

  • Liquid Nitriding
  • Gas Nitriding
  • Plasma Nitriding
  • Vacuum Hardening

Also, knowing if the polished finish is for functional or cosmetic reasons helps in deciding the type of finish. A stoned finish is usually the minimum requirement for functional reasons (for easy ejection off the mold tool core). Mirror polished mold tool surfaces will more likely give part ejection difficulties especially for deep parts with little or no draft. This will result in longer cycle times and more part quality issues. So avoid mirror polishes if possible.

A person’s ability to polish is very important when it comes to the final quality. We have different polishers. They use slightly different ways to polish which they have developed during years of practice. After successfully polishing & hardening the mould goes to the inspection room where our experts check the quality of the mould.