Disposable Plastic Spoon Mould


Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address a list of requirements of the application, At R.D. Mould & Industries™ dedicated designing team first of all makes research on the demand, application, trends & other things. Trending designs with Superior strength, Economy production cost, Branding of product, Uniqueness are the specialties in our Injection Mould Designing.

Technical Specification:

Mould Name : Disposable Plastic Spoon Mould
Mould Size : 400*450*280 mm
Product Description : PP/PS
Mould Cavity : 20 to 36 cavity
Spoon Weight : 2 to 3.6 gm
Suitable Machine : 100 to 200 T
Mould Steel : Core and Cavity P20-2311 Prehard HRC28-32, Back plate C45
Mould Life : 60,00,000 shots
Mould Injection  system : Hot / Cold Runner bush
Mould Ejection  system : Ejection Pin
Mould Running : Automatic / Manual
Mould Features : 2 Plates Moulds
Mould Injection Cycle Time : 10.8 seconds
Delivery Time : 30 Days for T1 Sample